First order

my first order?



When filling in the order form, use your postcode to check your eligibility for home delivery. What if your postcode does not fall within our delivery zone? Contact us. We will do our best to help you out.
  • Fill in your surname, first name, address, and telephone number online.
  • Fill in the address where you want your wash to be picked up and then the delivery address if different from the first address. Would you prefer to pick up your order directly at the PRESSING SADLER shop nearest to your home? Tick the “Pick-up at Shop” box
  • Fill in your bank details from your credit / payment card
    (you will be charged on the day on which your wash is delivered).
  • Book a day in our schedule and a time slot available.
When your appointment has been confirmed, you will receive an email notifying you when we will drop by.

Prepare your wash before the pick-up - Check out the details in our guide: WHAT SHOULD I DO TO GET MY WASH READY FOR YOU?


Delivery is free for a minimum order of €25.
You will be charged €5.00  for delivery on all orders of less than €25

Our delivery man drops by to pick up your wash at your home in the time slot which you selected.

If you have ordered a “Laundry by Weight” service, our delivery man will go ahead and weigh your wash when he drops by.

Your order is inspected and analysed. We draw up a form summarising your order and stating its cost. It will be forwarded to you by email on the day that we pick up your wash. If we have any doubts about the treatment of certain articles, you will be notified of our reservations on your order form.

You can cancel the order and turn down further handling on the same day until 11.30 p.m. Delivery of your order will be free for 15 days as of the day following its pick-up.

Your order will be handled the day after pick-up and you will be notified by email when it is ready.

Your order can be delivered free of charge for 15 days within 48 hours of pick-up. After 15 days, a delivery surcharge of €9.90 will be billed.
What if you have scheduled a delivery but you are unable to make it and will not be available? Inform us of your absence at least 4 hours before the time slot you selected with our  contact form. If you fail to inform us that you will miss a scheduled appointment, you will be charged €9.90 for delivery.
If you would like extra-fast handling and delivery, use our “Express Delivery” service for an additional charge of €9.90.

After delivery has been made, your credit / payment card will be charged for the cost of your order as specified when it was picked up.