What should I do
to get my wash ready for you?

Do you want a wash by weight or per item?

Depending on the articles, pricing is calculated by weight or per item. The prices per item can be found on the Prices page. Sort your wash for the “Dry Cleaning” service by item and laundry by weight. Separate your underwear from the rest of your laundry by weight. No worries! Do you want to use our at home dry cleaning service but are not sure about how to go about it? Our delivery man is there to advise you. You will be provided with laundry bags on delivery for each category of service.


Did you make a mistake sorting your laundry?

Our staff will sort your wash for you at the workshop and your “Dry Clean” clothes will be invoiced according to our per item price. Worth knowing: shirts, blouses, overcoats, suits, skirts, duvets, covers, scarves, etc. are all articles that we do not process by weight.


What should I do if I've cut the fabric care label out of my clothing?

When we receive an item of clothing, our staff inspect it and check the fabric care label inside the item of clothing. We should remind you that the fabric care label in an item of clothing is essential to clean it correctly. Indeed, it tells us about the composition of the item of clothing (percentage of natural or synthetic fibres) and provides the manufacturer's recommendations on caring for the item of clothing (dry clean, aqua laundry, washing, drying). This first stage is one of the most important. It enables us to ascertain the type of cleaning and any stains that need to be dealt with. When the fabric care label is missing from the item of clothing, our experience enables us to identify the type of fabric and the appropriate treatment. This is still only supposition, however, and not certainty. Therefore, we cannot be held liable if the item of clothing is damaged in any way.


Empty any pockets

It is important that you check every pocket in your clothing before handing it over to us.


Underwear, socks

Do not mix underwear with the rest of your laundry by weight. For reasons of hygiene, we process underwear separately. You will be given a specific bag by our delivery man. If your underwear is extremely dirty, please inform us and try to remove as much of the dirt as possible without actually wetting the items. Otherwise, we reserve the right to refuse to handle it or demand a surcharge.


Stains and our laundry by weight service?

If the wash that you wish to entrust to us as part of our “Laundry by Weight” service involves stain removal, please use our “Dry Cleaning” per item service. In our “Laundry by Weight” service, we do not deal with stains individually. The laundry is washed according to the manufacturer's fabric care label inside the item of clothing. Indeed, the majority of day-to-day stains are dissolved by our detergents. With the “Dry Cleaning” service, we do our best to get rid of any stains with every means at our disposal.



Very dirty, soiled laundry (e.g. soil, grease, hair, etc.) ?

For reasons of hygiene and where special treatment is required, we ask those of our customers who entrust us with very dirty laundry (excrement, soil, vomit, synthetic or vegetable oil, etc.) to let us know in advance. Please keep this kind of clothing separate, removing as much of the dirt as possible beforehand without actually wetting the items. This kind of clothing cannot be handled in our “Laundry by Weight” category. Place an order for our “Dry Cleaning” service. A surcharge of €3 per item is billed when the state of the clothes requires Special Attention. We may be inclined to refuse to accept an order which contains articles which are not compatible with our fabric care methods.


Rips, holes, split seams

Please warn us in the comments section of your order of any rips, holes or split seams in order not to slow down the time it takes to deal with your wash. If you wish to have alterations or repairs done on your clothing, please use our “Repairs and Alterations” service. If you add the “Repairs and Alterations” service, the time needed to deal with your order will be automatically extended by 24 hours.