Housekeeping service

Dry cleaning with delivery to businesses

Are you a company, a professional, a government office, a local authority, a works council? Do you want to make your employees' lives easier? Offer them a high-quality service? Or simplify the management of your work clothes.

Dry cleaning for businesses in Moselle

Sadler can provide you with at home Dry Cleaning in the form of a housekeeping service aimed at businesses. We drop by to pick up your washing from your business premises or the place of work of your employees. We deliver your cleaned washing back to you in the same way.

Practical: you help your employees to save time, they no longer have to make a special trip to the dry cleaner's with their suits, shirts, etc.

Make the most of your image: whether we're talking business suits or work clothes, we deliver the clothes back to you, washed, stain-free and ironed. Your staff will thus have perfectly clean clothes to work in.

Sadler is a firm that has been working in dry cleaning for more than 20 years. Put your trust in us for your company laundry. We can deal with all of your dry cleaning and laundry jobs, handled by dedicated professionals:
  • Pick-up and delivery of your laundry at your home or office
  • Cleaning and ironing of your fabrics
  • A laundry service
  • A repairs and alterations service (tears, holes, rips, a hem, a zip fastener).
Weekly, monthly or daily deliveries can be arranged, depending on your needs and your business.


The areas in which pick-up and delivery are available for your company

In France: Moselle - Metz - Nancy - Thionville
Our housekeeping service for companies is available in Moselle in the Nancy-Metz-Thionville areas.
You can contact us online or at one of our dry cleaning outlets.

Dry cleaning service for companies in Luxembourg

Our service is also available in Luxembourg. From Monday to Friday, a PRESSING SADLER delivery van plies a daily round in the various neighbourhoods (Kirchberg, Findel, Belval, Leudelange, Luxembourg city, etc.) but please feel free to contact us if your company is located in another neighbourhood. We will look into the possibility of providing you with our housekeeping service.
Are you a business? Do you want to take advantage of our dry cleaning service?
Feel free to contact us today to take advantage of our specific special terms and conditions for business concerns. We will consult with you to find the best way to provide you with the benefit of our expertise and experience.