• Can I cancel an order?
    Of course! The order can be cancelled free of charge until 11 p.m. on the day on which it is received.
  • How do I find out how much my order will cost?
    Check out out our online Price List for “Dry Cleaning” per item. For laundry by weight, check out our Good to Know page. It tells you the weight of day-to-day clothing, which will give you an idea of how much your order will cost.

    On the day on which we receive your order, we will send you a notification telling you the exact cost of the order. You have until 11 p.m. to decide whether to confirm your order or cancel at no charge.

  • How do I place my first order?
    Open your account on our website with a single click and book a time slot in our laundry schedule to have your wash picked up.
  • How do I prepare my order to give to the delivery man?
    Check out our page on What to Do to Hand over my Wash. It will tell you everything you need to know to get your wash ready for us.
  • How do I weigh my wash for our “laundry by weight service”?
    No worries! Our delivery man has a weighing system designed especially for laundry by weight
  • Is it possible to come and drop off my order directly at your dry cleaners?
    You can come directly to the shop to drop off your wash. Click here to find the SADLER dry cleaner closest to your home.
  • What if I want to add items of clothing to an order already under way?
    This is possible if the delivery man has not yet picked up your initial order. If the delivery man has already been, you will have to place another order, which he will be able to pick up, for example, on the day he delivers your first order.


  • Do I have to pay the delivery man for my order?
    No! When registering your order, you provide us with details of your credit / payment card. This will be charged for the amount that we tell you beforehand after delivery of your order and not on receipt.

    Our delivery man cannot accept payments.
  • How is my order transported?
    When he drops by, our delivery man will provide you with laundry bags for you to put your clothes in. Clothing for our “Dry Cleaning” service is delivered wrapped in a protective sleeve and on a hanger. Laundry by weight is delivered folded and wrapped in a package.
  • How long does it take for delivery?
    Delivery is made within 48 hours, depending on any special treatment of your wash. You can use our “express” service for delivery within 24 hours at an extra cost of €9.90.
  • I want to take advantage of the delivery service but I live outside your delivery area. What do I do?
    The home delivery service is under development. So the areas where we can deliver will gradually be extended. Contact us or go to one of our dry cleaners and we will look into what we can do for you.
  • Is delivery free?
    Delivery is free on minimum orders of €25 and up to 15 days after notification that your order is ready. For all orders under €25 or delivered after the 15-day period after notification that it is ready, you will be charged a supplement of €5.

    For members of our “VIP Club”, the minimum order is €15.
  • Is it possible for the delivery man to pick up my wash at my home and deliver it to my place of work or vice versa?
    Yes, of course! The At Home Dry Cleaning service is available within our delivery area regardless of the address. Simply enter the correct pick-up and delivery addresses when registering your order online.

  • Can you clean curtains, drapes and furniture fabrics?
    Yes! We regularly clean these kinds of articles in our workshops. Local authorities and associations have been putting their trust in us for more than 20 years to clean their curtains and drapes. We also clean stage and furniture fabrics from theatres, shows and the opera.
  • Do you clean high-quality and designer clothing?
    Yes!!! We are used to dealing with this kind of clothing. Parkas, overcoats, wedding dresses, etc.
  • Do you have a customer loyalty programme?
    There are two customer loyalty programmes.
    • The “SADLER” card
    • The “VIP” club
    Check out our REWARD FOR YOUR LOYALTY page
  • I have a lot of stains on my dress. What can you do?
    We use a number of stain-removal products developed by the largest laboratories in the textile industry. We do everything we can to deal with even the most stubborn stains. Even so, textile fibres have their limits and focusing too much on a given stain may damage the fibre and/or discolour it. A note will be delivered with your article if the stains are too ingrained and the stain-removal operation may damage it. It is possible that certain stains are beyond us. Do not hesitate to inform us of the fact as soon as you receive the item of clothing. We will process your article again free of charge.
  • I have a very valuable item of clothing with pearls and other decorative elements. Can you clean it?
    We have to check the composition of your item of clothing to determine the most suitable treatment. In any event, we will do what is necessary to find the best solution. But if we consider that there is any risk of the item of clothing being damaged, we will first ask you for your approval.
  • I have been the victim of an accident in my home. Can you handle large quantities of laundry?
    Each year, we handle more than fifty incidents (fires, flooding, etc.). We are fully equipped for this type of demand and can take in very large quantities of laundry without any problems. We draw up a quotation, which is forwarded to your insurance company for approval. Depending on the extent of the problem, we may ask you to make a financial contribution to having the quotation drawn up. However, this contribution will be deducted if the quotation is approved by your insurance company.
  • What if I have a business and I want my staff to be able to take advantage of your services?
    We have a housekeeping service for businessesContact us to make an appointment to establish your needs and provide you with a personal tailor-made package.
  • What is the procedure if you damage one of my items of clothing?
    Every year, we clean tens of thousands of clothing items. Our complaints rate is less than 0.1%. But zero risk does not exist. Should it happen, we must first assess the cause of the damage and check whether or not we are actually responsible. If it turns out that we are responsible, we will draw up a report together to send to your insurance company. You will be compensated according to the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF DRY CLEANING AND LAUNDRY SERVICES.

    However, if we have scrupulously respected the fabric care instructions included with the item of clothing and the item of clothing comes out damaged after following the treatment recommended by the manufacturer, we decline any liability and will provide you with a certificate of conformity of treatment per the recommended care instructions. It will then be up to you to approach the after-sales department of the manufacturer.
  • What type of cleaning to you use?
    On the OUR SERVICES page, you will find all the information you need on the cleaning and laundering methods that we currently use.